Readers time to take part / Lukijoiden aika ottaa osaa

I would like get some ideas from you guys. If you want me to take photos of something, leave a comment here and tell what I should photograph in Japan, and I promise to get a such photo if its possible.


Nyt haluasin ideoita teiltä. Jos haluat minun ottavan kuvan jostain tietystä asiasta, kerro se kommentissa ja lupaan kuvata ko asian, jos se vain on suikin mahdollista.

7 kommenttia:

  1. Itsestäs? Paljon? Jos o mahdollista. ;PPPP

  2. Everything!! :D For those who probably will never be able to visit Japan (*sigh*) they will probably want to live it through your eyes, as my parents do with my photos here in Finland. ;)

  3. H.R.M. Alberto I King of the Boreal Lands21.9.2011 21.17

    I am curious about food and specially about how would be the cafeteria food of your University, pictures of the coffee or tea cups you have in the coffee breaks,... because I suppose you will have breaks. =O.O=

  4. iidavnus, xD

    Kristin, well I will take lots of photos of many things of course, but this is just if someone wants something specific that interests them.

    And of course you can ask for certain photos at any point when I am there. So no worries if you cannot think anything now.

  5. Alberto, ok. I will take. And I guess if I see anything wine related I should take a photo :D

  6. Maybe delete the sushi for the background, i dont know for others but for me it looks like a big deformed cunt =( for the rest i would like a picture of the cube hotels we talked about? for drunken businessmen, remember?

  7. Haha on sushi :D

    Cube hotel pic will definitely come, cause I wanna spend a night in one